If you wish to learn Serbian and know about the Serbs and their culture more than other people, Serbian Language and Culture Workshop is just the place for you.»

Our program is unique because it offers not only language classes but also includes important elements of popular and high academic culture. During their stay with us students can have a lot of contacts with local people, their lifestyle and can go on many excursions all over Serbia. They can also learn about local institutions and the ways they operate in specific circumstances. In short, it is a real language and cultural immersion. It is all part of making the Serbian Language and Culture Workshop currently the most popular school of Serbian for foreigners in Serbia.

Our programs are designed and carried out by experts from Belgrade University, the biggest and most prominent educational institution in our country, and by experts from the Serbian Language Institute, which is part of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. We work with students at all levels of language proficiency. Our methods are modern and give results very quickly. During courses students do not feel intellectual fatigue and are eager to perform all tasks. When the courses are over and they return home they all feel very pleased about the progress they have made. The Workshop courses are ideal for a creative and active holiday.

We are pleased to invite you to join us to:

  • learn Serbian or improve your language skills;
  • learn more about Serbian culture and tradition;
  • learn about living in Serbia;
  • have a good time.

Join us!

Radionica za srpski jezik i kulturu
in Valjevo:
Milovana Glišića 82
14000 Valjevo
in Belgrade:
Simina 11/11
11000 Belgrade
Schedule an appointment!!!
еmail: skola@srpskijezik.edu.rs
phone: +381 631 631 631

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