Belgrade Summer School of Serbian Language 2018

Project title
Summer School of Serbian Language, Belgrade 2018.

June-September, 2018 (1-16 weeks)

Belgrade, Serbia (learn more about Belgrade).

Students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, can apply for the Summer School.

Goals of the project
- Learning and improving Serbian (available for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced, proficiency);
- living in an authentic Serbian environment, making contacts with real Serbs, exchanging experiences and opinions with them.


Students arrive in Belgrade on Sunday and can accommodate, get to know the city, have some rest and prepare for the week to come. The Summer School begins on Monday, when a placement test will be administered. The test is intended to place students in an appropriate group. The classes are held from Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 12:20 (14.30). Saturday and Sunday are normally intended for rest and excursions to many interesting sites out of town; however, you can have extra classes on weekends, but they are not included in the fee (extra payment required).

Course in Serbian
By attending the course you will gain new and improve your current language abilities. After a placement test taken upon the arrival students will be divided into groups according to their knowledge. There are 6 groups: beginners 1, beginners 2, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, advanced and proficiency. Each group will have an appropriate syllabus, a language instructor, and will work separately from other groups. The emphasis is on developing communicative skills. The theoretic, i.e. systematic aspect of the language is presented in the ways that are most suitable to the needs of every respective level. Classes are held on weekdays from 9:00 to 12:20 (14:30).

Class Break Class Break Class
(30 classes per week)

You will have 20 or 30 language classes per week. You are not required to attend all the classes, but if you need our language certificate, you are not allowed to miss more than 10%.

Summer School of Creative Writing
From July 1st to 31st, 2018, at the Faculty of Philology of the Belgrade University, the Summer School of Creative Writing is held, the lecturer is Zoran Živković, a professor at the Faculty of Philology and a famous writer. In order to participate in this auxilliary program, you should speak Serbian on an intermediate or an advanced level and you should love writing. The program is held in the evening, 2x90 minutes a week. The total workload is 8x90 minutes.

Duration of the Belgrade Summer School of Serbian Language is from 1 to 16 weeks, depending on the student. Information about methods of payment available on enrolment.

Belgrade Summer School
of Serbian Language
20 classes a week 30 classes a week
1 week 180 € 245 €
2 weeks 310 € 440 €
3 weeks 440 € 635 €
4 weeks 570 € 830 €
5 weeks 700 € 1025 €
6 weeks 830 € 1220 €
7 weeks 960 € 1415 €
8 weeks 1090 € 1610 €
9 weeks 1220 € 1805 €
10 weeks 1350 € 2000 €
11 weeks 1480 € 2195 €
12 weeks 1610 € 2390 €
13 weeks 1740 € 2585 €
14 weeks 1870 € 2780 €
15 weeks 2000 € 2975 €
16 weeks 2130 € 3170 €

The excursions in the Summer School are intended to get you more acquainted with picturesque Serbia. There are several options:

Other destinations are also possible.

Sports & recreation
During Summer School sports facilities are available in your free time. Belgrade has swimming pools, many gyms, aerobics facilities, tennis courts, facilities for football, basketball, tracks and mini golf. There are also facilities for horse riding. You can also rent a bicycle at a moderate price.

You are free to choose whether to stay in a hostel or a hotel. This table shows the prices.

Accommodation Distance from downtown Beds in the room Food Price per week
Hostel 0,5 km 10 - 42€
Hostel 0,5 km 4 - 98€
Hostel 3,5 km 1 - 175€
Hostel 0,5 km apartment - 280€
Homestay 3,5 km 1 - 175€

You can eat in many Belgrade restaurants. They are not expensive. Students’ restaurants are cheapest, where you can get all three meals at about 50€ per week. An average restaurant in Belgrade can provide half board at about 70€ per week. You can also go out and have lunch with your teacher, thus getting some extra language and culture practice. The organizers will help you choose the most suitable option.

The total amount for the Summer School is the sum of the two items given below:
1. course fee depending on the duration;
2. price of the accommodation.

Here’s an example. You wish to stay in Belgrade for two weeks. Accommodation at the hostel:

Belgrade Summer School of Serbian Language - 310€
Hostel - 84€

Total – 394€

Information about methods of payment available on enrolment. If you have problems with calculating the price of your course please contact the organizers for help.

Safety in Belgrade and Serbia
Your safety in Belgrade is guaranteed by the Ministry of the Interior.

I wish to join the Belgrade Summer School of Serbian Language, 2018.

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