Serbian Language Summer School for Kids and Teenagers, Belgrade

Project title
Serbian Language Summer School for Kids and Teenagers, Belgrade 2023.

July-August, 2023 (1-6 weeks)

Belgrade, Serbia (learn more about Belgrade).

Children and young people from 7 to 14 can register for the Serbian Summer School for Kids and Teenagers. There are two age groups: A) from 7 to 10 and B) from 11 to 14.

Goals of the project
- Learning and improving Serbian (available for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced);
- studying Serbian culture, traditional values and modern tendencies through theory and practice;
- living in an authentic Serbian environment, making contacts with real Serbs, exchanging experiences and opinions with them.

Calendar (subject to minor changes)
Get a detailed program HERE.

Serbian Language Course
By attending the Serbian course you will gain new and improve current language abilities. After a placement test taken upon the arrival the children will be divided into groups according to their age and knowledge. There are three groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each group will have an appropriate syllabus, Serbian language instructors, and will work separately from other groups. The emphasis is on developing communicative skills in Serbian. The theoretic, i.e. systematic aspect of the language is presented in the ways that are most suitable to the needs of every respective level. Classes are held from 9:00 to 12:20 on weekdays.

Classes 1-2 Break Classes 3-4

Your children will have 10 or 20 language classes a week. They are not required to attend all the classes, but if they need the language certificate, they will not be allowed to miss more than 10%.

Sport classes
A special offer for pupils from 7 to 14 - after your language lessons you can attend sport classes with your classmates and other Serbian kids from Belgrade on Ada Ciganlija, a recreational island in Belgrade on the river Sava. Here you can swim, play various sports (football, basketball, tennis...) and games (marbles, chinese jump rope, hide-and-seek...), while professional trainers look after you. Depending on the duration of your language classes, your sport classes start at 11:00 or 13:00, and last till 17:00

The excursions are intended to get you more acquainted with picturesque Serbia. The school offers 1-day trips and there are several options:

Other destinations are also possible.

Accommodation is individual. Serbian Workshop will be glad to help organized groups of children with parents or guardians to find adequate accommodation.

Catering is individual. It is possible to organize breakfast and lunch in a nearby canteen with local Serbian specialities.

The total amount for the Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture is 265€ (1 week). The fee includes:

Information about methods of payment available on enrolment.

Safety in Belgrade and Serbia
Your safety in Belgrade is guaranteed by the Ministry of the Interior.

I wish to apply for Serbian Language Summer School for Kids and Teenagers, Belgrade 2023.

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