Serbian Language Online via Skype (TM)

Project title
"Serbian On-Line Language Course".

Available all year round and in different time zones.

Time zones Cities
Beginners Conversation
UTC Rejkjavik Monday-Wednesday 16:00-17:00
Tuesday-Thursday 17:00-18:00
Tuesday-Thursday 16:00-17:00
Monday-Wednesday 17:00-18:00
UTC +1 London, Dublin, Lisbon... Monday-Wednesday 17:00-18:00
Tuesday-Thursday 18:00-19:00
Tuesday-Thursday 17:00-18:00
Monday-Wednesday 18:00-19:00
UTC +2 Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Belgrade... Monday-Wednesday 18:00-19:00
Tuesday-Thursday 19:00-20:00
Tuesday-Thursday 18:00-19:00
Monday-Wednesday 19:00-20:00
UTC +3 Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Istanbul, Kiev, Minsk, Vilnjus, Riga, Taljin, Helsinki... Monday-Wednesday 19:00-20:00
Tuesday-Thursday 20:00-21:00
Tuesday-Thursday 19:00-20:00
Monday-Wednesday 20:00-21:00
UTC +4 Moscow, St. Petersburg... Monday-Wednesday 20:00-21:00
Tuesday-Thursday 21:00-22:00
Tuesday-Thursday 20:00-21:00
Monday-Wednesday 21:00-22:00
Australia, East and Southeast Asia - China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malesia, Indonesia
Time zones Cities
Beginners Conversation
UTC +7 Bangkok, Jakarta... Monday-Wednesday 17:30-18:30 Tuesday-Thursday 17:30-18:30
UTC +8 Beijing, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Perth... Monday-Wednesday 18:30-19:30 Tuesday-Thursday 18:30-19:30
UTC +9 Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul... Monday-Wednesday 19:30-20:30 Tuesday-Thursday 19:30-20:30
UTC +9,5 Darwin, Adelaide, Alice Springs... Monday-Wednesday 21:00-22:00 Tuesday-Thursday 21:00-22:00
UTC +10 Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane... Monday-Wednesday 21:30-22:30 Tuesday-Thursday 21:30-22:30
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina...
Time zones Cities
Beginners Conversation
PDT Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver... Monday-Wednesday 18:00-19:00 Tuesday-Thursday 18:00-19:00
MDT Denver, Salt Lake City, Calgary, Edmonton... Monday-Wednesday 19:00-20:00 Tuesday-Thursday 19:00-20:00
CDT Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Winnipeg, Mexico City Monday-Wednesday 20:00-21:00 Tuesday-Thursday 20:00-21:00
EDT New York, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Manaus Monday-Wednesday 21:00-22:00 Tuesday-Thursday 21:00-22:00
UTC -3 Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo... Monday-Wednesday 22:00-23:00 Tuesday-Thursday 22:00-23:00

Serbian On-Line Language Course is available to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Serbian language online course
Serbian On-Line Language Courses have a form of group video conference call, where you meet the professor and other colleagues on-line. We use Skype (TM) program for this purpose. Materials for the program are sent to your e-mail address so you can print them before the lessons. Serbian On-line Course can be followed either in a group or as an individual program. Both Standard Serbian Language Course and Serbian Language Intensive Course are available on-line.

Technical details
You must have a computer with solid Internet connection and Skype (TM) program installed on it. It is recommended that you use a headset (earphones with microphone) during serbian online lessons in order to have better quality of the sound.

Dates 2x60 min. a week additional lesson
(60 min.)
6 Sep. 2021
4 Oct. 2021
1 Nov. 2021

7 Feb. 2022
7 Mar. 2022
4 Apr. 2022

10 weeks
220 € (group) / 330 € (1:1)
9 € (group)

15 € (1:1)

I wish to take Serbian On-Line Language Course via Skype (TM).

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